The Graduate Institute of Humanities in Medicine (GIHM) is an interdisciplinary research center dedicated to critically engaging with a wide range of issues at the various interfaces between health and society. Our international research team conducts research spanning the fields of medical sociology, ecological medicine and community care, and science and technology studies both locally and globally. Dedicated to cultivating and expanding knowledge, multiple methodologies are employed within the center giving special emphasis on promoting wellbeing, both for individuals and communities.

The Institute aspires to expand this knowledge cultivation not only through research, but also through pedagogy. We offer a Master of Arts (M.A.) Program in Humanities in Medicine which provides students with the key critical thinking and analytical skills necessary for bridging the gap between the social sciences, humanities, and medicine. Our program prepares graduates for careers in a variety of fields, such as public policy, medical practice, healthcare management, international developmental planning, and academic research. This website offers an introduction to the program, our faculty and students, and the admissions process. Scholarships are available from the University and our College. More information is available upon request.

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