Mizi Rahman



Graduate Student (2022)



Mizi Rahman is a postgraduate student in the Master of Arts (M.A.) Humanities in Medicine Program 2022 intake, hailing from Brunei. With a diverse work experience, he has served as a Project Coordinator in Malaysia, a Social Worker trainee in the Department of Community Development of Brunei, and an Elementary School Teacher with the Ministry of Education (Brunei). Additionally, he has taken up the role of Internal Director for an NGO dedicated to Mental Health awareness advocacy, where he educates, advocates, and provides essential services to increase accessibility to mental health care.

While he has not had direct experience in the medical or clinical field, his passion for mental health and social work led him to undertake the programme to understand more about the field, both theoretically and practically by engaging with medical students of Taipei Medical University. He is always eager to learn and expand his knowledge, and his areas of interest include Community Health (Workplace, Relationships, Elderly, Mental), Human Development and Family, Islamic Alternative/Complementary Medicine, Intercultural Communication, Popular Culture, and Media.

He welcomes the opportunity to discuss any of the above areas of interest and can be reached at tamizi.rahman@gmail.com.