Curriculum / Core competence

Goals of the Department

Core Competence

Competence Indicators

1. Building students’ basic knowledge of medical humanities


2. Strengthening students’ interdisciplinary views


3. Cultivating students’ sensitivity to health and social issues

A.   Ability to communicate interdisciplinarily in fields related to medical humanities

A1.  Having medical humanities knowledge

A2.  Ability to distinguish and integrate research ideas from natural and social sciences and humanities fields and apply these ideas to related issues

B.    Ability to analyze and use medical humanities information

B1. Ability to locate medical humanities references and read these critically

B2. Ability to write thesis on medical humanities topic

C.   Ability to act and solve problems

C1. Attention to social issues concerning medicines and health, and ability to research such problems

C2. Ability to analyze and solve problems

D.   Ability to think critically

D1. Ability to conduct logical analyses and apply scientific reasoning to medical humanities issues

D2. Ability to evaluate phenomena and policies concerning medical humanities topics

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